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  • Professional design: well designed multi-function anti gravity Yoga hammock made of high-strength parachute fabric.

  • Unique features: large and comfortable, lightweight and breathable fabric, three height adjustment.

  • Health benefits: use it to reduce spinal cord pressure and enhance upper limb strength. Regular use can enhance physical fitness and maintain a healthy body versatile:

  • It can be used not only as a yoga hammock, but also as a swing chair. When the longest part of the middle is taken out independently, it can be hung on a tree as a common hammock.

  • Product category: stretch band / Yoga rope
    Material: polyamide fiber
    Applicable scenarios: sports, fitness, fitness, fitness equipment
    Material: hammock fabric: 210T nylon yarn (also called parachute cloth), hanging disc material: 201 stainless steel, extended belt material: high strength polyester fiber.
    Instructions for installation and use
    1, first install the hook on the ceiling, fixed plate or can bear the steel pipe, two hook spacing 50 centimeters to 80 centimeters is better. The installation of hooks and so on should be perforated on the ceiling. Ceiling with ceiling is not suitable for installation. (installation must be on a fixed object that can load).
    2, if the ceiling is high, we need to add the extension belt, extend the store and sell it. It can be bought extra. The length of anti gravity yoga is 1.4 meters to 1.5 meters, so the ceiling is also high.
    3, put the hook at the two ends of the anti gravity yoga to extend the end of the belt.
    Matters needing attention:
    In the process of use, please strictly follow the following points to self test.
    1. the suspension point of the hanging Yoga hammock must be firm, and the hanging height head is suspended from the ground no more than 15CM, so as to prevent accidental fall and injury.
    2. before use, check whether the hoisting hook of Yoga hammock is loose or not.
    3. avoid wearing buttons or sharp objects that are damaged with yoga hammock.
    4. the fabric is not fireproof, please stay away from the fire source.
    5. pay attention to the cleanness and smoothness of the surface around the Yoga hammock, and avoid the locations where there are sharp objects such as rubble and branches.

    Colofar Yoga Stretching Belt High Altitude Air Yoga Hammock Domestic Yoga Micro Elastic Sling Sling High Strength Super Heavy Bearing B07FK4KC5H

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